cisco nexus 5000 range

N5K-C5010P-BF N5000 1RU Chassis no PS 2 Fan Modules 20 ports (req SFP+)
5R210N-N5K-5B-1 DC rack system w/ 5xUCS C210, N5010 and 5xBroadcom 10GE
5R210N-N5K-5Q-1 DC rack system w/ 5xUCS C210, N5010 and 5xQlogic CNAs
5R250N-N5K-5B-1 DC rack system w/ 5xUCS C250, N5010 and 5xBCOM 10GE
5R250N-N5K-5Q-1 DC rack system w/ 5xUCS C250, N5010 and 5xQlogic CNAs
N5010P-4N2248TF-B Nexus 5010P/4x2248TP/32xFET Bundle
N5010P-4N2248TP-B Nexus 5010/4x2248TP Bundle
N5010P-N2248TP-BE Nexus 5010/4x2248TP/20xSR Bundle
N5020P-4N2232PF-B Nexus 5020P/4x2232PP/64xFET Bundle
N5020P-6N2248TF-B Nexus 5020P/6x2248TP/48xFET Bundle
N5020P-6N2248TP-B Nexus 5020/6x2248TP Bundle
N5020P-N2248TP-BE Nexus 5020/6x2248TP/30xSR Bundle
N5K-C5010P-DEMOBDL Nexus 5010 Chassis Bundle for NFR Programs
N5548P-4N2248TF Nexus 5548P/4xN2248TP/32xFET
N5548P-4N2248TP Nexus 5548P/4xN2248TP
N5548P-4N2248TR Nexus 5548P/4xN2248TP/20xSFP-10G-SR
N5548UP-4N2248TF Nexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/32xFET
N5548UP-4N2248TP Nexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP
N5548UP-4N2248TR Nexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/20xSFP-10G-SR
N5K-C5548UPM-B-S48 N5548UP Storage Solutions Bundle, 48 port storage serv Licen
N5K-C5548P-FA Nexus 5548P 1RU Chassis, 2 PS, 2 Fan, 32 Fixed 10GE Ports
N5K-C5548UP-FA Nexus 5548 UP Chassis, 32 10GbE Ports, 2 PS, 2 Fans
N5548PM-4N2232PF Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5548PM-6N2248TF Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548PM-6N2248TP Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP
N5548PM-6N2248TR Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N5548UPM-4N2232PF Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5548UPM-6N2248TF Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548UPM-6N2248TP Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP
N5548UPM-6N2248TR Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N5596UP-4N2232PF Nexus 5596UP/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5596UP-6N2248TF Nexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5596UP-6N2248TR Nexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N5K-C5596UP-B-S48 N5596UP Storage Solutions Bundle, 48 port storage serv Licen
N5K-C5596UP-FA Nexus 5596UP 2RU Chassis, 2PS, 4 Fans, 48 Fixed 10GE Ports
N5K-C5596UPM-B-S96 N5596UP Storage Solutions Bundle, 96 port storage serv Licen
N5596UPM-8N2248TF Nexus 5596P/8xN2248TP/64xFET/Expansion Module
N5596UPM-8N2248TP Nexus 5596UP/8xN2248TP/Expansion Module
N5K-C5020P-BF N5000 2RU Chassis no PS 5 Fan Modules 40 ports (req SFP+)

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