Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems (now Oracle Corporation) manufacturers of UNIX-based Solaris servers and x86 servers.

The Sun UNIX server range stretches from the mid-1990’s into the then ‘’ boom. Most server farms and data centres were and still are heavily reliant on the SPARC processor due to its highly reliable and resilient nature. Alpha Digital are the number one used and refurbished provider of sun microsystems legacy servers, parts and upgrades.

With servers ranging from blade architecture, rack and standalone to high-end enterprise there’s always been plenty to choose from to suit the smallest of business up to the largest of corporations.

Sun-4m UltraSPARC I UltraSPARC III 
SPARC Xterminal 1 [05/96]Netra i 1/140 [08/97]Sun Blade 1000 (A28)  [09/02]
SPARCclassic [05/95]Netra i 1/170 [10/97]Sun Blade 2000 (A29)  [07/04]
SPARCclassic X [05/95]Netra i 1/170E [10/97]
SPARCstation 10 [10/94]Netra i 1/200E [10/97]UltraSPARC IIIi 
SPARCstation 10SX [10/94]Ultra 1/140 (A11)  [08/97]Sun Blade 1500 (A43)  [08/05]
SPARCstation 20 [06/97]Ultra 1/140E (A12)  [08/97]Sun Blade 1500(Silver) (A43)  [06/06]
SPARCstation 4 [04/97]Ultra 1/170 (A11)  [07/98]Sun Blade 2500 (A39)  [08/05]
SPARCstation 5 [09/98]Ultra 1/170E (A12)  [07/98]Sun Blade 2500(Silver) (A39)  [06/06]
SPARCstation LX [07/94]Ultra 1/200E (A12)  [07/98]Sun Ultra 25 Workstation, RoHS:Y (A89)  [10/08]
SPARCstation Voyager [12/95]Sun Ultra 45 Workstation, RoHS:Y (A70)  [10/08]
SPARCstation ZX [07/94]UltraSPARC II 
Ultra 30 (A16)  [02/99]x86/x64 
UltraSPARC I and II Ultra 450 (A20)  [05/99]Sun Java Workstation W1100z (A58)  [02/06]
Ultra 2 (A14)  [08/00]Ultra 60 (A23)  [10/02]Sun Java Workstation W2100z (A59)  [04/06]
Ultra 80 (A27)  [10/02]Sun Ultra 20 M2 Workstation, RoHS:Y (A88)  [12/08]
UltraSPARC IIe Sun Ultra 20 Workstation (A63)  [04/07]
Sun Blade 100 (A36)  [11/02]UltraSPARC IIi Sun Ultra 20 Workstation, RoHS:Y (A63)  [04/07]
Sun Blade 150 (A41)  [06/06]Sun Ultra 24 Workstation, RoHS:Y (B21)  [10/09]
Ultra 10 (A22)  [11/02]Sun Ultra 27 Workstation (B27)  [06/10]
Ultra 5 (A21)  [02/02]Sun Ultra 40 M2 Workstation, RoHS:Y (A83)  [12/08]
Sun Ultra 40 Workstation, RoHS:Y (A71)  [05/07]
Entry-Level ServersBlade ServersMidrange Servers 
Sun Enterprise 220R (A34)  [11/02]Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module (B18-AA)  [10/10]Sun Enterprise 3500 [04/03]
Sun Enterprise 250 (A26)  [08/03]Sun Blade 8000 P, RoHS:YL (A82)  [04/09]Sun Enterprise 4500 [04/03]
Sun Enterprise 420R (A33)  [12/02]Sun Blade 8000, RoHS:YL (A81)  [04/09]Sun Enterprise 5500 [04/03]
Sun Enterprise 450 (A25)  [11/02]Sun Blade T6300 Server Module, RoHS:YL (A94)  [05/09]Sun Enterprise 6500 [04/03]
Sun Fire 280R (A35)  [01/05]Sun Blade X6220 Server Module, RoHS:YL (A92)  [02/09]Sun Fire 3800 [08/03]
Sun Fire B1600 (A44)  [04/05]Sun Blade X6240 Server Module (X6240)  [06/10]Sun Fire 4800 [06/05]
Sun Fire V100 (N19)  [06/06]Sun Blade X6250 Server Module, RoHS:YL (A93)  [01/10]Sun Fire 4810 [09/03]
Sun Fire V120 (N25)  [06/06]Sun Blade X6270 Server Module (X6270)  [09/10]Sun Fire 6800 [06/05]
Sun Fire V125, RoHS:YL (125)  [04/08]Sun Blade X6440 Server Module (X6440)  [08/10]Sun Fire E2900 [01/08]
Sun Fire V20z (A55)  [11/07]Sun Blade X6450 Server Module [01/10]Sun Fire E2900, RoHS:YL [04/09]
Sun Fire V210 (N31)  [06/06]Sun Blade X8400 Server Module, RoHS:YL [12/07]Sun Fire E4900 [07/08]
Sun Fire V210, RoHS:YL (N31)  [09/07]Sun Blade X8420 Server Module, RoHS:YL [04/09]Sun Fire E4900, RoHS:YL [07/08]
Sun Fire V215, RoHS:YL (215)  [04/08]Sun Blade X8440 Server Module, RoHS:YL (A98)  [04/09]Sun Fire E6900 [04/08]
Sun Fire V240 (N32)  [06/06]Sun Blade X8450 Server Module [04/09]Sun Fire E6900, RoHS:YL [04/09]
Sun Fire V240, RoHS:YL [09/07]Sun Blade 6000, RoHS:YL (A90)Sun Fire V1280 (A40)  [10/07]
Sun Fire V245, RoHS:YL (245)  [04/08]Sun Blade 6048, RoHS:YL (B22)Sun Fire V1280, RoHS:YL (A40)  [10/07]
Sun Fire V250 (A50)  [09/05]Sun Blade Storage Module M2 (B19-AA)Sun Fire V480 (A37)  [12/05]
Sun Fire V40z (A57)  [03/07]Sun Blade T6320 Server Module, RoHS:YL (A95)Sun Fire V490 (A52)  [01/08]
Sun Fire V40z, RoHS:YL (A57)Sun Blade T6340 Server Module (T6340)Sun Fire V490 2100, RoHS:YL [04/09]
Sun Fire V440 (A42)  [09/06]Sun Blade X6270 M2 Server Module (X6270)Sun Fire V490, RoHS:YL (A52)  [04/09]
Sun Fire V440, RoHS:YL (A42)  [09/07]Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module (X6275)Sun Fire V880 (A30)  [10/05]
Sun Fire V445, RoHS:YL (A77)  [04/08]Sun Blade X6275 Server Module (X6275)Sun Fire V880z (A47)  [03/05]
Sun Fire V60x (A48)  [01/05]Sun Fire V890 (A53)  [01/08]
Sun Fire V65x (A48)  [01/05]CoolThread ServersSun Fire V890 2100, RoHS:YL [04/09]
Sun Fire X2100 (A75)  [04/07]Sun Fire T1000, RoHS:YL (T10)  [10/09]Sun Fire V890, RoHS:YL (A53)  [04/09]
Sun Fire X2100 M2, RoHS:YL (A84)  [04/09]Sun Fire T2000 (T20)  [01/07]
Sun Fire X2100, RoHS:YL (A75)  [04/07]Sun Fire T2000, RoHS:YL (T20)  [10/09]High-End Servers 
Sun Fire X2200 M2, RoHS:YL (A85)  [01/10]Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, RoHS:YL (SEA)  [10/09]Sun Enterprise 10000 [04/03]
Sun Fire X2250 (X2250)  [12/09]Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000, RoHS:YL (SEB)  [10/09]Sun Fire 12K [02/05]
Sun Fire X4100 (A64)  [05/08]Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 (SEC)Sun Fire 15K [02/05]
Sun Fire X4100 M2, RoHS:YL (A86)  [06/09]Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 (SET)Sun Fire E20K [10/07]
Sun Fire X4100, RoHS:YL (A64)  [05/08]Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 (SED)Sun Fire E20K, RoHS:YL [01/09]
Sun Fire X4140, RoHS:YL (B12)  [09/10]Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 (SEU)Sun Fire E25K [10/07]
Sun Fire X4150, RoHS:YL (B13)  [01/10]Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 (SEV)Sun Fire E25K, RoHS:YL [01/09]
Sun Fire X4170 (X4170)  [09/10]
Sun Fire X4200 (A65)  [05/08]SPARC64 VI 
Sun Fire X4200 M2, RoHS:YL (A87)  [06/09]Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 (SEW)
Sun Fire X4200, RoHS:YL (A65)  [05/08]Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000, RoHS:YL (SEE)
Sun Fire X4240, RoHS:YL (B14)  [09/10]Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000, RoHS:YL (SEF)
Sun Fire X4250 (X4250)  [01/10]Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000, RoHS:YL
Sun Fire X4270 (X4270)  [09/10]Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000, RoHS:YL
Sun Fire X4275 (X4275)  [09/10]
Sun Fire X4440, RoHS:YL (B16)  [09/10]SPARC T3
Sun Fire X4450, RoHS:YL (B15)  [10/10]SPARC T3-1
Sun Fire X4500, RoHS:YL (A76)  [03/09]
Sun Fire X4540 (B24)  [11/10]x86/x64 
Sun Fire X4600 M2, RoHS:YL (A67)  [03/10]Sun Fire X4800 Server (X4800)
Sun Fire X4600, RoHS:YL (A67)  [11/07]
Sun Fire X4640 (X4640)  [11/10]
Sun LX50 (CBT-S1/L1)  [10/03]
Sun Fire X2270 (X2270)
Sun Fire X2270 M2 (X2270M2)
Sun Fire X4170 M2 (X4170M2)
Sun Fire X4270 M2 (X4270M2)
Sun Fire X4470 (X4470)
Servers Servers
Netra 120 (N25)  [06/06]Netra t 1400 (N15)  [06/04]
Netra 1280 (N40)  [10/07]Netra t 1405 (N14)  [01/04]
Netra 1280, RoHS:YL (N40)  [10/07]Netra t1 Model 100 (N07)  [11/02]
Netra 1290, RoHS:YL (N80)  [10/09]Netra t1 Model 105 (N06)  [11/02]
Netra 20 (N28)  [10/04]Netra xt 600 [01/00]
Netra 210, RoHS:YL (N79)  [12/09]Netra T5220 (NT52)
Netra 240 (N54)  [01/06]Netra T5440 (NT544)
Netra 240, RoHS:YL (N54)  [11/08]Netra X4200 M2 (N87)
Netra 440 (N42)  [06/06]Netra X4250 (NX425)
Netra 440, RoHS:YL (N42)  [11/08]Netra X4270 (NX4270)
Netra CT 1600 (N09)  [11/03]
Netra CT 410 [03/06]Blade Servers
Netra CT 410, RoHS:YL [08/08]Netra CP3010
Netra CT 810 [03/06]Netra CP3020
Netra CT 810, RoHS:YL [08/08]Netra CP3060
Netra CT 820 [06/06]Netra CP3220
Netra T1 AC200 (N21)  [11/02]Netra CP3250
Netra T1 DC200 (N21)  [11/02]Netra CP3260
Netra T2000, RoHS:YL (N20)Netra CP3270
Netra X1 (N19)  [07/02]Netra CT 900, RoHS:YL
Netra X4450 (NX445)  [06/10]Sun Netra 6000 Modular System (N6000-AC)
Netra ct 1600 (N08)  [05/04]Sun Netra T6340 Server Module (NT6340)
Netra ct 400 [05/04]
Netra ct 800 [05/04]Telco Storage 
Netra ft 1800 (N05)  [09/02]Netra E1 [10/03]
Netra t 1100 (N01)  [12/02]Netra st A1000 [06/04]
Netra t 1120 (N04)  [12/02]Netra st D1000 [06/04]
Netra t 1125 (N03)  [12/02]Netra st D130 [08/02]
StorEdge Arrays Network-Attached Storage (NAS) 
Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray [03/09]Sun StorEdge 5210 NAS [01/07]
Sun StorageTek 6140, RoHS:YL [06/10]Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS [06/06]
Sun StorEdge 3120 [03/08]Sun StorageTek 5220 NAS, RoHS:YL [12/08]
Sun StorEdge 3120, RoHS:YL [07/09]Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS [10/06]
Sun StorEdge 3310 [01/06]Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS, RoHS:YL [12/08]
Sun StorEdge 3320, RoHS:YL [03/09]
Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array [09/07]StorageTek 
Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array, RoHS:YL [07/09]Sun StorageTek 5800 [01/09]
Sun StorEdge 3511 FC Array [03/07]Sun StorageTek 6540, RoHS:YL [10/09]
Sun StorEdge 3910/3960 [11/04]Sun StorageTek V2X2-V2X4f SVA [07/09]
Sun StorEdge 6020/6120 Array [10/05]
Sun StorEdge 6130 [12/06]Solid State Storage
Sun StorEdge 6320 [07/05]Sun Storage F5100
Sun StorEdge 6910/6960 [11/04]
Sun StorEdge 6920 [06/07]Unified Storage
Sun StorEdge 9910 [02/05]Sun Storage 7110 (XTA7110)
Sun StorEdge 9960 [02/05]Sun Storage 7210 (XTA7210)
Sun StorEdge 9970/9980 [10/05]Sun Storage 7310 (XTA7310)
Sun StorEdge 9985 [05/08]Sun Storage 7310 SAS2.0 (XTC7310)
Sun StorEdge 9990 [05/08]Sun Storage 7410 (XTA7410)
Sun StorEdge 9990, RoHS:YL [02/08]Sun Storage 7410 SAS2.0 (XTC7410)
Sun StorEdge A1000 [06/04]Sun ZFS Storage 7120 (TA7120)
Sun StorEdge A3500 [05/01]Sun ZFS Storage 7320 (TA7320)
Sun StorEdge A3500FC [05/01]Sun ZFS Storage 7420 (TA7420)
Sun StorEdge A5000 [08/99]
Sun StorEdge A5100 [02/01]
Sun StorEdge A5200 [11/03]
Sun StorEdge A7000 [12/98]
Sun StorEdge D1000 [06/04]
Sun StorEdge D2 [06/04]
Sun StorEdge S1 (S1)  [06/06]
Sun StorEdge T3 [11/04]
Sun StorEdge T3+ [11/04]
Sun Storage 6180
Sun Storage 6580/6780
Sun Storage J4200 (4200)
Sun Storage J4400 (4400)
Sun Storage J4500 (4500)
Sun StorageTek 2510, RoHS:YL (2510)
Sun StorageTek 2530, RoHS:YL (2530)
Sun StorageTek 2540, RoHS:YL (2540)
Sun StorageTek 9985V, RoHS:YL
Sun StorageTek 9990V, RoHS:YL
StorEdge SPARCstorage 
Sun StorEdge C2 [09/08]SPARCstorage DLT 4700 [07/98]
Sun StorEdge C4SPARCstorage Library Model 8/140 [07/97]
Sun StorEdge L100 [05/06]SPARCstorage Library Model 8/400 [11/97]
Sun StorEdge L1000 [12/02]
Sun StorEdge L11000 [02/01]StorageTek 
Sun StorEdge L140 [10/98]Sun StorageTek C4, RoHS:YL [09/08]
Sun StorEdge L180 [04/06]Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management Station
Sun StorEdge L1800 [01/00]Sun StorageTek SL24, RoHS:YL
Sun StorEdge L20/L40/L60 [11/02]Sun StorageTek SL3000
Sun StorEdge L25 [05/06]Sun StorageTek SL48, RoHS:YL
Sun StorEdge L280 [11/00]Sun StorageTek SL500,RoHS:YL
Sun StorEdge L3500 [01/01]Sun StorageTek SL8500, RoHS:YL
Sun StorEdge L400 [01/01]
Sun StorEdge L500 [02/07]Sun ETL
Sun StorEdge L500 (Mixed Media), RoHS:YL [05/07]Sun ETL 4/1000 [10/97]
Sun StorEdge L500, RoHS:YL [05/07]Sun ETL 4/1800 (StorEdge L1800) [01/00]
Sun StorEdge L5500 [12/04]
Sun StorEdge L6000 [02/05]Tape Virtualization
Sun StorEdge L7 [10/03]Sun StorageTek VTL-Value [11/08]
Sun StorEdge L700 [02/07]Sun StorageTek VTL-Plus 1.0, RoHS:YL
Sun StorEdge L700, RoHS:YL [01/07]Sun StorageTek VTL-Plus 2.0, RoHS:YL
Sun StorEdge L8 [01/06]Sun StorageTek VTL-Prime
Sun StorEdge L8500 [02/07]Sun StorageTek Virtual Library Extension NEW
Sun StorEdge L8500, RoHS:YL [05/07]Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager
Sun StorEdge L9 [08/03]

If you are looking for hard to source parts, servers and upgrade from Sun microsystems product range call a member of the sales team on 08450 211 211