HP9000 systems are based on the PA-RISC processor architecture and run the HP-UX operating system.

The range encompasses entry-level workstations such as the B, C and J class with single PA-RISC processors, right up to enterprise servers such as the rp8400 and the HP Superdome which scales to 64 PA-8900 processors.

These servers were superseded by the HP Integrity range utilising the Intel Itanium processor and run both the latest HP-UX operating system and the latest OpenVMS operating system among others.

Alpha Digital are experts in the supply of used and refurbished HP9000 servers and components.

hp9000 family


At Alpha Digital, we have over fifteen years experience supplying, configuring and supporting the HP9000 range of UNIX servers. We also stock upgrade and replacement parts such as processors, memory and hard disk drives.

We can configure and test complete servers to your requirements or simply supply the parts that you need to keep your legacy HP9000 workstation and servers up and running.

To speak to a member of our HP sales team call 08450 211 211 or use the contact form.