In a cut-throat and competitive economy, your company needs every possible advantage it can get over the competition. The constant struggle to minimize your overhead but also maintain your operational security and uptime is a challenge for any business, and the right hardware goes a long way towards getting that done. If you want a new edge in your own war on this front, keep reading to learn 9 refurbished Nortel servers benefits to see what they can do for you.

1) Pay less for your servers:

Cost savings present themselves in a number of ways across these 9 refurbished Nortel servers benefits, and the price you pay for the servers is the first of them. Whether you buy them outright or lease them from a provider, a refurbished machine is just going to cost less than a new model. Yet, because it is refurbished, it is going to operate just as well as a new machine, since it has been fixed up and certified as fully functional.

2) Enjoy flexible ownership possibilities:

As already mentioned, you might pay for the servers outright and own them completely, but you also might lease them. Both ways of doing things have their pros and cons. If you buy them, then you get massive savings compared to new models, and you can then own them free of financing payments or installments for as long as you use them. On the other hand, if you lease them, you can still garner savings but also not get stuck with them for the long haul, since they might eventually be too out of date for the programming, utilities, apps, and software your business runs on a daily basis.

3) Sleep sound at night with the warranty provided:

A server, Nortel or otherwise, that is refurbished appropriately is going to be backed up by a robust warranty that you can take advantage of. This will cover any repairs, malfunctions, or defects that arise while you have the server, albeit possibly only for a specified amount of time. Consider this an insurance policy, but also expect that you might never actually need it. Modern manufacturing does not produce too many ‘duds’ or ‘lemons’ anymore, but machines that are likely to choke out and die are probably going to do it in the hands of their original renters or owners. A machine functional enough to be refurbished for a second life cycle of service is probably a workhorse.

4) Enjoy on-site repairs:

Many providers of corporate-level servers not only offer lease agreements with sound warranties, but also back that up with the promise of on-site repairs if anything should happen to the server. That gets you back up and running within hours, whereas shipping a server out for repairs and then waiting for it to come back can take three business days to a few weeks.

5) Let tech support help you deal with things:

Not everything needs a repair technician’s hands directly on or in the server. Email, chat, and telephone tech support means the server provider can assist you in getting it optimized and up and running again when it slows down or goes down.

6) Spend less on your utility bills:

Refurbished servers have some new parts within them, and this often means a much higher level of energy efficiency as compared to the new models a few years prior. That means you spend less on the power that runs them, but also possibly less on air conditioning and other methods used to cool them.

7) Upgrade them cheaper:

Servers that have been on the market for a while are going to have a lot more second-hand or after market pieces, parts, and components available to them if you want to upgrade things a bit. A new custom car might only have parts available from the dealership, but after four years or so, you can probably buy parts for it at your local auto store. Servers are the same way if you want to boost the RAM, the CPU, or the power supply.

8) Enjoy fewer bugs and issues:

Anything new to the market, no matter how fast, strong, or shiny, is going to have some bugs and issues. Servers are no exception. Refurbished servers tend to be older, and that actually presents an advantage. If they have been out more than a year, then many of the bugs and issues with them are going to have been identified. Fixes or patches will also be available for them that you can either apply immediately yourself, or they were just dealt with during the refurbishing process. In many cases, a refurbished server actually operates better than an original one, since a manufacturer has certified it not once, but twice before providing it to a client or customer.

9) Take advantage of more compatibility:

When hardware usually first enters the market, it might not be compatible with that many other pieces of hardware or software that would work with it. Refurbished servers tend to be older, so there has been more time for compatibility issues to be worked out, meaning you have a lot more options about what you can connect to or install on your servers.

Now that you know 9 refurbished Nortel servers benefits your business can take advantage of, there’s no reason you should hesitate to get your hands on one or two in order to capitalize. Talk to your normal hardware supplier, consult local equipment providers, and look around online to find the best options that might suit your company’s needs and budget.

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