Whether you happen to have many years of experience or you are a brand new business-owner, you are probably aware of how important your IT department is and your workers as well as the equipment used within your establishment. While you may not think it is the best option to purchase a used server it can prove to be highly beneficial for your business.

This is because the refurbished or used servers are a lot cheaper when compared to the new ones and are often more reliable are a higher quality than the off-the-shelf servers. They also come with outstanding support from the retailer and the manufacturer. Below are 5 refurbished IBM servers benefits for you to consider.

1.Used Servers Are Far More Affordable

Regardless of the size of your company, your bottom line should be based on raising revenue and lowering expenses consistently. Buying brand new equipment while refurbished equipment is readily available and in a great condition is regarded as unnecessary expenses that many businesses just can’t afford to take.

Buying a brand new IBM server can be disadvantageous for 2 important reasons. The first is they are far more costly when they are new. The second is related to that a single new server is enough money to buy various older servers as well as enough money to update as well as better configure the used units.

This means that the money you spend on a refurbished server is regarded as a solid investment in relation to the success of your business into the future. In addition, a used unit can run a lot better than many of the basic types of newer models. The brand name such as IBM does matter, however, purchasing IBM used servers along with their parts is a fantastic method to make sure your IT department has a chance to run smoothly.

2.Quality Assurance

A refurbished or used IBM server is another one of the 5 refurbished IBM servers benefits in regards to quality assurance. These refurbished servers are often able to offer superior levels of quality when compared to the newer models. This is because a new model is prone to issues such as glitches particularly when that are newer models or makes by the company, even with the trusted brands such as IBM, HP and Dell. This is because these models have not had enough beta testing.

When purchasing a new server you run the risks of encountering functionality issues that can prove to be time consuming and costly. This can mean that you will have to wait for hardware or software patch replacement has been sent in order to solve the problem. Used servers on the other hand have undergone extensive testing from the previous users similar to your line of business which proves that they are far more reliable options.

Manufacturer And Retailer Support

When buying an IBM refurbished server and the parts you are gaining far more than only a time-tested unit. This is because you also attain outstanding product support that comes from the retailer and the manufacturer. The newer IT equipment and servers have not undergone the testing associated with the older units which mean the quality related to customer support can be lacking in the newer models. When buying a used server there is extensive information already available on the unit in the form of online forums, the retailer and the manufacturer that already exist.

Solving issues with an older unit or how to ensure they are running at optimum levels is far easier when using online forums that are full of IT workers and business owners with a similar issue or goals that you have. Far less information will be available with the newer units.

Over and above one of these important 5 refurbished IBM servers benefits, the differences associated with customer support between the older and newer model is negligible if there are any differences. Both the retailer and manufacturer of used and new servers, particularly IBM, HP and Dell parts and servers will stand behind the brand and their products and assist customers in the best way possible.

Requirements That Do Not fit In With Your Budget

When you desperately require additional capacity but do not have the available cash to fund these needs. Your best option available is save on a genuine IBM solution in the form of Pre-owned and IBM certified equipment.

Short Term Needs

In some cases you may be faced with a temporary requirement to add in more storage capacity, server resources and workstations, this does not mean you need to invest in the latest technology. This is the when you can benefit from looking for IBM Pre-owned Certified servers to fulfill these temporary needs in the fastest most affordable way possible.

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