Over the past 30 years, Quantum has provided innovative customer led backup, recovery, and archive solutions for all data protection challenges.

For every company its information or data is its life blood, a real asset for them and a tool for meeting business goals. Therefore protecting this data is of paramount importance. This is something at the heart of every Quantum product and solution and reflected in the company strap line, Preserving the World’s Most Important Data, Yours.

This ethos puts the customer requirements at the centre of every solution provided by Quantum aligning the requirements from an IT Manager looking for a reliable back-up method through to a chairman looking to reduce costs.

To meet the unique needs of every customer, Quantum has three key product ranges to provide innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of protecting data in both the short and long term.

Tape back-up was for a long time the core of Quantum’s business, whether this was a single external drive through to large tape libraries. These products are still critical to long term data protection and form a large part of the product portfolio. With new innovations in the management of tape libraries through the layer software, the integrity of tapes can be checked and any faults are proactively managed.

As the price of hard disks fell, backing up data to disk rather than tape became an affordable option and provided quicker recovery times than traditional tape. To further leverage this opportunity deduplication technology was developed and the DXi disk based appliances were developed meaning that more data can be stored for longer on disks.

Stornext software provides the ultimate shared file system and tiered storage capabilities to manage data more effectively and provide business agility.

Through these three key elements Quantum solutions address customers data protection needs by combining technologies such as data deduplication, tape, encryption, shared file systems and storage virtualisation.

Only certified Quantum Alliance Partners in the UK can provide and deliver the full range of solutions to address your requirements. Any solution provided aims to leverage your existing infrastructure without being invasive. Our aim is to meet your data protection requirements from both a business continuity and legislative standpoint. By removing the head ache of back-up issues, your IT staff can focus on core activities rather than fire fighting.

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