While it is supposed to simply mean that you are going to be able to stretch a dollar, the term ‘refurbished’ will often stir up a lot of questions. There may be the worry that you are simply buying the hand me downs of another business with some new parts tossed in. Or you may be thinking that the server that you buy is going to be out of date. Knowing the 7 HP refurbished server benefits for your business will help you to make an informed decision that will be best.

It goes without saying that many of these questions can be easily answered, and you need to have an investment that you can feel good about when it comes to your server requirements. The more that you understand about what ‘refurbished’ means, you will have a great deal of added peace of mind and the tools you need to shop for the right option.

What Refurbished Means

An HP refurbished server could have been returned to the company for a number of reasons. From there, the server will be put through a process of rigorous refurbishment to ensure nothing but the highest possible quality. Nothing is used but the best components and the process is followed through with professional technicians with a high level of expertise.

1. Certified Performance

Before the refurbished servers are put back on the market, HP will put them up to the same tough standards for performance as they did when they were brand new. They have to pass through the rigorous testing before they are sent back out. If they are not able to pass, they would be recycled rather than refurbished.

2. Cost Savings

A truly obvious benefit for going with refurbished HP servers is that you are going to get lower pricing on reliable technology. A lot of the refurbished servers will be a current model, but they cannot be labeled as new, which means a cost savings to you and your company.

3. Support

There are times when you may not need a warranty, but you will need some help when setting everything up properly. When you go with an HP refurbished server, you can get the same quality support for it that you would be able to get from a brand new purchase.

4. Warranty

When you have a server that is completely certified by HP, you can sell it with a warranty. This will mean that you can expect the same great coverage that they would offer on a brand new model.

5. Sudden Change Accommodation

There are some times that your company will have to have an immediate influx of servers to meet up to unexpected changes or growth. While it may only be a temporary situation to deal with, buying new servers will be out of the question. However, going with refurbished may fit easily into your budget.

6. Eco-Friendly

It goes without saying that e-waste is a problem that is growing. Each year, there are millions of discarded devices that make their way into landfills that may contain toxic elements and precious metals. Selecting refurbished servers will help to bring extended life to the products as they stay in circulation instead of going into the ground.

7. Meets Your Needs

There are some companies that will not need to have the most recent technology or latest releases. If you have a company that just needs reliable, solid performance, you can use some of these 7 HP refurbished server benefits to help you make a decision.

At HP, all of the servers that are refurbished will be fully restored to meet up with the original performance and condition. Every unit is completely tested and any of the defective or broken parts will be identified and then replaced before the unit gets tested again. The servers will then be cleaned thoroughly and repackaged after being assigned a refurbished part number.

To make it even better, HP’s expert engineers will validate the piece and follow along with all of the guidelines to the new products. This will allow you the additional peace of mind that you need to know that you are investing in a product that is going to fall well within your company’s needs and your budget.

As long as you know what you should be looking for when you buy refurbished, and you take the time to ensure that you are going with 100% genuine HP refurbished servers, you will be glad that you went the extra mile. There is never any reason why you have to spend the money on brand new if you are able to find the equipment that you need when you follow along with these 7 HP refurbished server benefits to help you out.

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